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Hi there! My name is Tyler and welcome to Thomason’s Take!

This blog is something I’ve contemplated starting for over two years — I finally did it! If you’re on the fence about starting one yourself, DO IT. Seriously, what do you have to lose?

I started this for several reasons:

  1. To practice writing
  2. Display my hobby photography
  3. Shed light on issues and hopefully inspire others along the way

I am a life-long resident of Oklahoma currently living in Tulsa. A few years ago I graduated from The University of Oklahoma (go Sooners!) with a degree in Marketing. I also earned my private pilot’s license while a student at OU, so you will see some posts about my experiences flying. I absolutely love all things sports. I promise to keep the sports metaphors to an absolute minimum, though.

I also love photography, so most of the pictures you see on this site are ones that I have taken. All of my photographs that have been used in posts or featured images are located on the photos page — click here to check them out! If a stock image has been used, attribution will be given below the photo in the post and it will not appear on the photos page.

To check out the best of what my site has to offer, click here. These are the posts that have gotten the most feedback and traffic.

If there’s a topic you would like to discuss or you would just like to connect, feel free to send me an email or leave a comment!

Twitter: @ThomasonTweets

Instagram: @tylernthomason




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