*featured image by Ryan McGuire of Gratisography.com*

I’ve written about frustration before, and I apologize for doing so again. But today was one of those days. It wasn’t a bad day by any means, but I was just frustrated. With everything. And everyone. Mainly the speed  (or lack thereof) at which things are happening in my life.

I’m not a naturally patient person — I have to work on it. A lot. And I know that it will take time to accomplish things that are on my “list”. But knowing this and actually practicing patience are two different animals. But then I ran across this:


A simple tweet from someone I follow on Twitter is all it took to snap me out of my funk.

Frustrations are a common part of life. You WILL have those days. But keep moving forward. Keep building momentum.

Besides, frustrations and disappointments are what make it so rewarding once you break through.