I looove me some quotes, so I thought it would be fitting to complete the three day quote challenge. Lairai Writes was kind enough to throw me the nomination (thank you!), so be sure to show her some love and check out what she’s been up to!

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I know being yourself has gone mainstream, but I still catch myself filtering what I write about for fear of being ridiculed (even as I write this!). And it’s not just writing — this fear spills into other areas of my life as well.

It may seem like we’re just like everyone else on the outside, and to some extent we are. We’re all made up of flesh and bone, filled with blood pumped by a beating heart. But just like the quote, our unique abilities and perspectives produce more combinations of personalities than can ever be seen. Like a finger print, no one person is the same as another.

This is how it should be — how boring would the world we live in be if that were not the case? The truth is, there’s only one of each of us. We all have a unique voice. Our perspectives on how we view the world may be similar, but they’re never going to be exactly the same.

We are doing a disservice to humanity by not using that voice, expressing our perspective, and impressing our own personal stamp on the world around us.

We already have the canvass. Let’s create our own hue.