She’s a selfless individual with the responsibility of another. There’s no one else like her — we call her Mother.

The job she performs has hours that are long. The work never ends, yet she remains strong.

She wipes away tears when times are tough, and helps heal wounds when life has been rough.

She packs our lunches and drives us to school. She waits up past curfew — mom’s no fool.

She grinds everyday with a smile on her face. Often sleep deprived, struggling to keep up with a child’s manic pace.

Mom is there for the hardships, she feels our pain. She bears the burdens, but none to complain.

Because for her baby there’s nothing she won’t do. And if you’re a mother, you know this to be true.

Our moms are a gift, they are sent from above. They are angels watching over us, showering us with love.

She’s our number one fan, with us ’til the end. Moms are our greatest treasure — never forget that, friend.

This is true of my own, I could never repay. Mom, thank you so much. I love you, forever and always!