Blue Willy
Another “Tulsa” landmark located along Route 66 in Catoosa, OK. Featured in Be Creative, The World Needs More of YOU!

Blue Willy, formally known as The Blue Whale, is located along the iconic Route 66 highway just outside of Tulsa in Catoosa, OK. Given the fact you don’t see a landmark like this every day, The Blue Whale is easily one of the most recognizable landmarks along the old highway.

What began as a personal project ended up being a public treasure for decades. Blue Willy was completed in the early 1970s and countless families have made priceless memories in the years since with activities such as fishing, swimming, and road-tripping to see the whale.

I live in Tulsa, so this is a short 15 minute drive to make the visit. Have any of you had the opportunity to see this while traveling Route 66?

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