This past spring, the softball team I play on went 12-0 — easily winning our league. We also did this last fall. Dating back to last spring, our team is 33-3.  We’re not superstars, we don’t hold practices throughout the week, and we certainly don’t play in tournaments on the weekends. We’re just a bunch of has-been/never-were athletes that like to get together once a week to let off some steam.

But starting this fall, we’re getting kicked out of our current league and forced to level up — for good reason. We don’t belong in the league we’re currently in, already proving that with our performance over the last 3 seasons.

So why haven’t we already moved up?

A part of me thinks we liked winning, being the big dog. I know that once we do move up, the competition will be vastly improved. We will be playing against tournament teams and teams that practice. It won’t be as easy and we will get beat.

But as competitors, we won’t mind. We should welcome this as an opportunity to improve.

How often do we do this in our lives? We do something because it’s easy or because we’re good at it. It’s right in the middle of our comfort zone and we never level up to give ourselves a challenge or a chance to grow and improve as individuals.

Examine something you’ve grown comfortable with in your life and figure out a way to challenge yourself in that area.

Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable and see what happens.