Has life ever given you one of “those” days? One where it would have been better to stay in bed, never having stepped foot outside of the house? I had one the other day. Nothing went according to plan, and Murphy himself was off somewhere laughing at the absurdity.

All of the events were largely unimportant. They were more annoyances, really. Added together over the course of the day made it immensely frustrating, especially when you’re learning to be a more patient person. Through it all, a quote kept reverberating in my mind:

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”

β€”Franklin D. Roosevelt

I’m not sure where I first discovered this quote, but somehow it stuck. I guess because of the simple message it conveys. It’s short, powerful, and holds truth nonetheless. The next time you catch yourself having a rough day, remember this:

Patience is learned, and it is through these little frustrations and bad days in which it is taught.

Photo by Ryan McGuire (Gratisography.com)