Distractions are a normal part of life. Some are outside of our controlΒ β€” we deal with them and move on. But all too often it’s the small distractions, the ones that we don’t mind, that slowly rob us of our time and money. Eventually, they add up and keep us from accomplishing our goals.

If we truly wish to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves, sacrifices have to be made. If not, the price of not saying no could end with not reaching our dreams. “NO” has to become a familiar part of our vocabulary.


Everyone wants to achieve great things in life, but not everyone wants to turn down drinks with coworkers or stop going out for meals instead of cooking at home. Terminating family vacations is not something some are willing to give up. Many find that they would rather spend weekends with friends at the lake than at home studying or honing their craft.

Whatever your distraction β€” if this sounds like you and you have big aspirations in life, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your priorities.

What’s it going to cost you if you don’t?