We have all just witnessed history once again!

It’s not everyday that we get to live through a monumental moment that will be printed in textbooks from now on, but it happened with Hillary Clinton clinching the Democratic nomination for president.

Think about this: 95 years ago women were not even allowed to vote in the U.S. Now, a woman has a chance to win the presidency! Take a moment to let that sink in. No matter your feelings regarding Clinton, one thing that shouldn’t be up for debate is how far we’ve come as a country since the all-white, male, good ol’ boy system that has long been the norm in American politics.

Remember that saying our parents told us when we were younger?

You can be anything you want to be when you grow up.”

-parents everywhere

That wasn’t exactly true, especially if you wanted to be president in the United States. If you weren’t a white male, then you could forget about calling the shots in the Oval Office. But then, in 2008, we elected a man of color and broke the presidential racial barrier. It was a grand moment that was far too long in the making.

Clinton has already made history during this election by winning the Democratic nomination. Now, she looks to break the gender barrier to the presidency — another historic moment that has taken far too long to culminate.

There is still work left to be done, however. Both racial and gender issues still persist in America today.  But with election outcomes like that of 2008 and the one currently unfolding in 2016, we are that much closer to actually making the statement our parents used to tell us a reality.

And for an election season that has had an abundance of negativity, that is one positive worth celebrating.