Whether you love him or hate him, one thing’s for certain: Trump is generating a buzz for the 2016 presidential race. People are engaged — even if it is polarizing — which is what America desperately needs. It’s refreshing to know that people do, in fact, still care about what’s going on in politics.

The interesting thing about the campaign Trump is running, however, is that he’s not a true conservative. A true conservative knows their stance on things like abortion — something trump has gaffed several times in interviews.

But through all of the questions surrounding his political affiliation, the millions of votes he has garnered over the past few months shows just how tired Americans are of establishment politicians. They’re tired of hearing the same empty promises.

Americans are so sick of the status-quo in Washington that they’d rather vote for an outspoken real estate mogul with no prior political experience. They’d rather see someone who degrades women regularly and refuses to lay out any sort of policy plans other than “we’re going to win big league/bigly (?)” voted in over an establishment nominee.

As the presidential race heads into the summer, there won’t be a shortage of important topics that need to be discussed. Hopefully these discussions lead to a new class of politician in the coming years. As long as Trump and Clinton stick to policy issues instead of childish rhetoric, the buzz that Trump is generating will help to develop this new class. Bucking the establishment trend could possibly be the best thing to happen to American politics in a long time.